Marilyn Manson – The Pale Emperor

    (Dine Alone) It’s been twenty years since Marilyn Manson’s debut terrified parents everywhere. It’s been fifteen years since the completion of his epic Anti-Christ triptych: The guided violence of Anti-Christ Superstar, the ballsy ahead-of-its-time punch of Mechanical Animals and the beautiful decay of Holy Wood. Unfortunately, over the course of… Read More

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    The (Sic)ness – Live Review

    (Guelph, Ontario) As we slowly wade into 2015, I thought it fitting to take a look back in the rearview mirror and comment on the singular show that I loved the most in 2014. Now, to be completely honest, I don’t get out as much as I used to. Being… Read More »
    This wonderful musical number was posted a little while ago and, not only is it a fantastic show tune but, it also helps reveal to the wondering world a few deeply guarded secrets from Transformers star Shia Labeouf. You’ll have to watch it for yourself, but please watch it until the end.…

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    Unbowed – Live Review

    (Guelph, Ontario) I’ve been sold on a lot of local shows in my lifetime. Most are billed as featuring an overflow of young talent and then mashed so hard through the endless social media feed that it’s sometimes hard to differentiate one from the other. To be honest, I didn’t… Read More »
    (Columbia) Much will be made of Pink Floyd’s newest, and presumably last, collection of songs. Rest assured, The Endless River is very much a Pink Floyd album and perhaps their best since The Wall started to come down in 1979. Ironically, that was the same year that keyboardist Richard Wright… Read More

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    New Die Antwoord Video Is The Freshest Thing You’ll See This Week

    South Africa’s most eccentric export, Die Antwoord are no strangers to controversy and they’re sure to generate some more of it with their new “Ugly Boy” video. Not only does this clip have some great takeaway visuals but, the song itself might also be the best groove

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    Species: Nineties Laid On Thick

    (20th Century Fox) Running Time: 108 Minutes Starring: Natasha Henstridge, Mr. Blonde, The Mandarin, CSI’s Catherine Willows, Ghost Dog, and Dr. Octopus. Many people will go on and on forever about how they’re inexplicably a product of the 80s. I, for one, can’t argue with that. I had a the… Read More »
    (Cinedigm) I recently had the opportunity to catch Open Windows at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival (Thank you Mister Christian) and it is, without a doubt, a completely unbelievable film. That’s because it’s a film that predominantly features computers and well, unbeknownst to the general public, most film fans… Read More »
    (Guelph, Ontario) Ambre McLean has been a live staple of the Guelph music scene for years and, as she gets prepped to release her third full length album Me via Northwood Records, I was asked to come down and check out the show. Now, in the interest of transparency, I… Read More »